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A comforting wave of light, floral lavender and calming chamomile, renowned for its abilities to bring peace and relaxation. A hint of vanilla brings warmth to the floral notes, overall creating a tranquilising spa-like aroma.


Burn Time: Approximately 55 hours burn time


Every candle is handcrafted using 100% rapeseed and coconut wax on the Norfolk coast.  Products are vegan friendly.  Each candle comes with a dust cover, packaged in a box.

Scented Candle - Lavender & Chamomile


We recommend that you burn your candle initially until you get a full melt pool across the top of the vessel - this will ensure an even burn.

You should also trim the wick from time to time to ensure it doesn't smoke and curl. It's best to trim it upside down (when the candle is cold) so that that black soot doesn't fall into the candle.