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Amazingly realistic faux String of Pearls Plant that trails beautifully down from in a concrete pot. Absolutely no care required to keep this plant going forever! Perfect for a room that has little or no natural light - or a high shelf that requires some self-care style.


Trailing length: 60cm


String of Pearls Faux Plant


We have sourced the best faux flowers and foliage to replicate the most realistic versions of themselves. It's often hard to tell the difference!

To care for your flowers or plants, we suggest using a hairdryer to blow away any dust. Do not use water or detergents of any kind.

Your flowers and plants are best kept away from direct sunlight to avoid bleaching.

O P E N I N G   H O U R S

National Lockdown means that we cannot open our doors to the public.

We will however be operating a click & collect service for everything you find on our website.

Collection is on Friday 9am - 11am.

This includes Flower Friday collections.

A bientôt les amis xxx


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